I Love Fall BRIDES Most of All 🍂

It's wedding season!!

"Whats this nonsense!" you might say, but I kid you not. the top wedding season is FALL, and the most popular of months are September and October (it varies each year)

Think about it this way, the crisp air and gorgeous foliage, is prime for outdoor weddings and gorgeous wedding pictures (not to mention PSL season and the relief of hot summers tends to boost moods) YAY love!

So, here's where we come in, personalized gifts for the bride and the bridal party is HUGE, sharing this epic part of your life and thanking the people involved has always been custom but simply looking through the dozens of items out there you eventually start thinking... they're all the same.

Those are my favorite words, it's me bat signal, and I am here to help. So we created our bridesmaid proposal boxes so that they have unique products, are practical, different sizes for different budgets. We knew that sometimes time gets the better of you and we wanted to be able to ship these out ASAP and so because we do everything in house we're able to send them out in under 3 days. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! We didn't stop there, bridesmaid proposal boxes are all the rage, but remember when we said time was a b**** well we have Thank You boxes galore for the after glow.

So whats next? Ugh I'm so glad you asked, we're bringing out themed boxes for our beautiful brides, these are based on the glorious bouquets but ssshhhh I wont say more till before the reveal

Happy Fall Y'all


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