Our story so far

Well, you know all those faceless gigantic stores that promise you the most pretentious gifts available.

Yeah, that’s not us, (I mean unless you want us to be?)

We’re small, we care, and we like to have fun, so let us help you find your

or your (insert the name of this awesome person you’re sending a gift to’s)
new favorite thing.

Lets Meet the Team


I’m /I’d /I’ll
Ex-investment banker turned dinosaur hunter / rather be doing this with coffee
/ go first

I Ride
My own wave of hyperbole

I only dance to
Rhianna, seriously she’s a goddess

I eat
All the pizza’s, seriously thin crust, napoleon, deep dish its all good

I drink
Coffee and Le Croix, never together

I prefer
Crisp autumn air

I would bring
The noise


Bio Coming Soon